El Alma. Private villa & soul retreat in Costa Rica

Our love for exotic nature, joy over the manifold wildlife and the likeable Costa Ricans led us to create this hide away. el alma is a house for guests looking for calm and peace - a place where you can encounter and care for your soul. el alma disposes of several places for recreation: a large covered terrace offers space and view over the Pacific.

Luxury and very private

Our pool decks and other places in the garden are located in the shade of trees. The ample garden invites for short walks. The patio offers quiet space for yoga, reading, reflection or just for being.

The house was furnished with special care for details with almost exclusively tailor made furniture for this place and with other objects from the Pacific area. Symbolic mandalas accompany you through the entire house.

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Villa or just a room

You can chose between a room with one king size bed or two single beds. The 12” spring mattresses offer a special comfort. The villa offers a surround-sound-system in all rooms. You may listen to your personal music (iTunes), a number of titles offered by us or your preferred worldwide radio station.

For this place of inner encounter we did on purpose plan without TV’s. Additionally, the villa offers the possibility to switch off the wireless LAN.


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Guest Testimonial

Just a magical place to be! A home for your soul.